Certified Ballot Title

Updated: Jun 24

Today, the Attorney General has provided a certified ballot title for IP13 and the Secretary of State has determined that the initiative complies with procedural and constitutional requirements.

After reviewing comments submitted by members of our campaign team and over twenty hunting and animal ag groups, the Attorney General decided to make clear that the removal of exemptions to Oregon’s animal cruelty laws proposed by IP13 would criminalize the intentional injury or killing of an animal as well as the forced impregnation of an animal.

The certified caption reads: Criminalizes injuring/ killing animals, including killing for food, hunting, fishing; criminalizes most breeding practices. Exceptions

Click here to read the full certified ballot title.

There are now 10 business days to appeal the certified ballot title to the Oregon Supreme Court. While we wait for approval to circulate the petition, we have resumed training and recruiting circulators.

Help us get IP13 on the ballot to protect animals in Oregon from cruelty. You can sign up to volunteer or donate to the campaign online.

You can download our full press release below:

PR Certified Ballot Title
Download PDF • 90KB

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